100 % Renewable Energy Economies:

Justification, outline and way to


14 August 2012, Zuerich, Switzerland, Volkshaus, Blauer Saal



Politicians, academics, (non-)governmental organizations, interested citizens of states can learn about the reasons for a transition from fossil energy economies to renewable energy economies and about the way to renewable energy economie



2 morning sessions with presentations, 1 afternoon workshop


1. Session: Problems of fossil energy usage


Welcome note (S. Volkwein)


Global warming: Past and future of alpine glaciers (Prof. Dr. H. Blatter)


Peak oil (S. Volkwein)

Accidents in atomic industries and its consequences (Dr. M. Fernex)


2. Session: Outline of 100 % renewable energy economies


Welcome note (P. Maegaard, president SolarSuperState Association)


Plus energy buildings (G. Cadonau, CEO, Swiss Solar Agency, Zuerich)

Solar baking and cooking for Switzerland and for the world 

(P. Ruettimann, J. Schuler, Members of the Executive board of MOVISOL, Switzerland)


Renewable energy storage technologies for 100 % renewable energy economies (W. Hein, Member of the executive board of SolarSuperState Association, Member of the executive board of EUROSOLAR)


Integrated renewable energy systems for rural villages (Prof. Dr. N. El Bassam, International Research Centre for Renewable Energies (IFEED))


!00 % community power for 100 % renewable energy regions? (K. Hasberg, www.deenet.org)


SolarSuperState legal framework: overview (S. Volkwein)


Workshop: Legislation for Way to 100 % Renewable Energy Economies


Presentation of proposals by the authors


Interview of the authors by a panel

   H.-J. Fell, Member of German Parliament

   W. Hein, Member of the Executive boards of EUROSOLAR

          and SolarSuperState Association

   Dr. H. Lehmann, Head of Division I Environmental Planning

          and Sustainability Strategies of Umweltbundesamt (Dessau),

          president of World Council of Renewable Energy (WCRE)


Judgment of the panelists if the proposed legal framework promises at least in the electricity sector a complete substitution of fossil energy by domestic renewable energy within 5 years (10 years)


Recommendations of the panelists


Proposal Sri Lanka


Proposal Germany


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